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Obama: Trump Wants Power To Carry Out His ‘Twisted Notions'

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Cons just love to worship. Gods, tyrants, it doesn't matter. Groveling dogs, the lot of them.


If Trump were to win the election (never happen) I bet he would go after Obama and Hillary. He would set this country back worse than Dubya.




Obama: The Presidency Would Give Trump More Power To Carry Out His ‘Twisted Notions’





President Barack Obama went after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday, saying giving him the presidency would just give him “more power to carry out the twisted notions” he had before launching his campaign.

“This isn’t a joke. This isn’t ‘Survivor.’ This isn’t ‘The Bachelorette,’” Obama said at a rally in Florida. “This counts.”

Obama continued with his television riff, questioning if Trump could handle the presidency if he can’t even handle being joked about on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” referring to Trump’s annoyance at actor Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him over the last month.

“Come on, man,” Obama said.

Over the last few days, Obama has spoken in several states, urging people to early vote and vouching for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. At Thursday’s rally, Obama argued Trump is “uniquely unqualified” to be president, slamming Trump’s business past, his failure to release his tax returns and his questionable comments and actions toward women.

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