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Getting Ready to Make America Great Again

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Our militia members are practicing every day to proudly serve our nation in one of President Trump's elite law enforcement squads.


Don has signed up for the Mosque Eradication Force, which will cleanse our Christian country of every vestige of the filthy pagan idol Al'la and his unclean raghead vermin.


Clete will serve God and country in Faggot-Free America, which is committed to eradicating the loathsome, diseased pestilences of greasebutt boys, bulldykes and tranny abominations which infest the body politic.


Ranny has proudly accepted appointment to Spik Smashing Patriots, which will drive the dirty border-jumping cucarachas and their anchor babies back over our southern border or amputate one of their nasty limbs, whichever is most convenient.


After careful consideration, we have personally enrolled in Plug-A-Thug, which will cause the kinky-haired, red-eyed, monkey-lipped, bastard-born, no-IQ, subhuman nigqer boyz to disappear from genuine Americans' sight permanently.


We urge all decent, clean, moral, patriotic, Christian Americans to join us in Making America Great Again.


Know what we mean?

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