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hillary quotations you should remember when you vote

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hillary quotations you should remember when you vote:


If you are an Italian Catholic in Philadelphia, you are a backward moron.

If you are an Irish Catholic in Boston, you are a backward moron.

If you are a Protestant Christian anywhere in the USA, you are a backward moron.


If you were a Bernie Sanders supporter, you are a barista basement dweller

living in your parents' basement. (And she used the DNC and news media to

screw you.)


If you and your wife or your friends are Trump supporters, at least half the

number of you voting for Trump (hillary says half of Trump supporters) are

irredeemable deplorable (unworthy, dishonorable) persons. That means

half of republicans, half of independents and even half of Democratic

conservative Christians voting for Trump.


If you follow the tax laws and pay low or no taxes, you are somehow a

despicable person like Trump even though hillary took millions in BRIBES

and also paid no taxes because they were supposedly in a "charitable"

foundation - yeah sure, hillary and bill were their only REAL charity



If you are a man who likes beautiful women, somehow you are bad UNLESS

you are billy bob. Then, hillary his wife will enable him to rape young women

and then attack them if they complain.


If you are in the military or in a dangerous field like being a police officer,

and you get shot, hillary said: "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE (if

you are tortured and murdered?)".


hillary said for Trump to say our nato allies and asian allies should pay

us for their security as they agreed to do, but have not done, trump is

somehow unfit to be prez. And you should pay for the USA to be the

world's wet nurse and babysitter.

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hillary says she will take the high road



Then, she will go crazy and go unhinged and yell and

scream and rant and rave about how bad Trump is instead of

being explicit on how she will create jobs (never a specific -

instead, she and billy bob shipped jobs to china and mexico

and she said she supports MORE JOBS leaving the country under TPP)

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hillary said she supports the TPP used to ship MORE jobs

out of the USA to places with dirt cheap wages, child laborers,

no pollution laws, no safety laws, and countries that treat

women and children like shit.


hillary said that for 34 years, she has been a pig at the govt

trough. And she is looking for 8 more years of stealing your

tax dollars and taking bribes, suckers.

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