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Red Neck Militia Calling for Armed Revolt if Clinton Wins Constitution

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Militia groups prepare for armed revolt if Clinton wins: ‘Last chance to save America from ruin’


As the most divisive presidential election in recent memory nears its conclusion, some armed militia groups are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election on Nov. 8 and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton.


They say they won’t fire the first shot, but they’re not planning to leave their guns at home, either.

Trump’s populist campaign has energized militia members like Hill, who admire the Republican mogul’s promise to deport illegal immigrants, stop Muslims from entering the country and build a wall along the Mexico border.


Trump has repeatedly warned that the election may be “rigged,” and has said he may not respect the results if he does not win. At least one paramilitary group, the Oath Keepers, has called on members to monitor voting sites for signs of fraud.


Amid the war games, Hill weighed plans for a possible armed march on Washington if Clinton wins.

He said he doesn’t want his members leading the way, but they will defend the protesters if need be. His group will not hesitate to act if a President Clinton tries to disarm gun owners, he said.


“I will be there to render assistance to my fellow countrymen, and prevent them from being disarmed, and I will fight and I will kill and I may die in the process,” said Hill, who founded the militia several years ago.





He better get a bigger pop gun.



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I am trying to figure out who they are going to revolt about? The Military or the people? In DC, firearm owners are also required to obtain a gun license for any shotgun, rifle, or handgun. The purchase of firearms within the city limits are strictly restrictive to the sale and purchase of only shotguns and rifles. The sell or purchase of handguns is prohibited by D.C. gunlaws.


So these armed red necks won't be packing hand guns, and best have a DC gun license for their pop guns. And where do they think they are going to be marching without a parade permit?


I see a lot of red necks leaving their rifles and ammunition behind in DC, and some of them spending some extra time behind bars.

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