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trump just got hit with massive $32 million fraud/tax evasion law


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Trump Just Got Hit With Massive $32 Million Fraud & Tax Evasion Lawsuit

Posted on November 1, 2016

Republican nominee and lawsuit magnet Donald Trump has found himself the target of yet another accusation of fraud and financial misconduct – this time in another country. A Mexican official has filed a criminal tax complaint against Trump in Tijuana, Mexico, over yet another failed business venture – the Trump Ocean Resort, which collapsed before it even began construction.

But before the housing market and the rest of the global economy collapsed with the onset of the Bush Recession, Trump and his partners sold $32.5 million in future properties to unwitting customers since 2006 and leaving their investors in the lurch.

In addition, Donald Trump is accused of dodging an additional $32.5 million in taxes – surprise! – but has countered that he wasn’t actually involved, but that he was just “leasing” his name on the project. The investors, however, counter that Trump’s face was on the brochure and quoted him as saying it would be “the most spectacular place in all of Mexico.”

Though Trump worked out the deal with Los Angeles-based developer Irongate Wilshire and Mexican company P.B. Impulsores, the lawsuit singles out Trump by name, calling him out “against the Mexican state because beyond defrauding investors he also committed fraud by not paying taxes in Mexico for the mercantile operations he took part in.”

It should come as no surprise, since Donald Trump has dodged paying American income taxes for decades and defrauded his investors his entire life. Far from being a “successful” businessman, Trump has proven time and time again he is incapable of following through with the most basic of financial transactionsthe exchange of money for rendered goods and services.


Now it's 76 legal battles ongoing....including child rape.

Bleed that orange Hitler dry.


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