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ITALIAN MAYOR blasted for attack on Muslim savages

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ITALIAN MAYOR blasted for scathing verbal attack on African Muslim savages who have been invading Southern Italy
Yes, his words may be racist and anti-Muslim, but look at the videos below to see what African Muslim illegal alien invaders are bringing to Italy and you won’t be so quick to condemn him. What would you say if they did the same thing in your cities?



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The Italian people recognize hate and ugly racism when they see it. There has been no trouble from Muslim refugees in Italy. All videos of alleged Muslims behaving badly have turned out to be deliberately misattributed.

It reminds me of when the racists claimed that Trayvon was making gang signs, or was older than his released picture. Both were deliberate lies, pictures of other people...but to the white morons, all blacks look the same.

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I would wager that Ole Man Jimbo could not even tell us where the mosque nearest to his house is.

Probably in Allentown or Reading - - - they would be the nearest pest holes.

When I am unfortunate enough to go to those cities, I am always always armed.

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