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The dumbest post by far by a liberal............


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Dano claims the government should have the authority to take any body part of yours on demand.

If you refuse then a swat team shows up at your house to take you away...


Why is the idea of removing illegal criminals from the US so terrible but Dano wants you to give up your kidney if your number comes up.....?


And if you're wondering....He now claims the bill passed and it's law....




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Posted 23 February 2016 - 11:12 PM

That's exactly what I was saying, when your number comes up, if it's your turn you must report to the hospital to have your kidney or liver extracted to save another American's life. We can get by fine with one kidney or part of a liver, it regenerates.

You can claim you would kill anyone that tries, but good luck against a swat team and all the govts resources. After a few examples, /no one is going to tryto backslide.

Believe me, when your neighbors have to be on the list they won't tolerate you backing out, they'll help the authorities get you.

This is doable, it's fair, and it demonstRates patriotism, solidarity, a sense of social responsibility.

My Congressman responded that he will draft / a resolution.

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