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hillary said today Israelis should NOT have nuclear bombs

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Yup, hillary was giving a speech today bashing Trump and saying Trump

should not be president because he did not have a problem with nuclear

weapons in the hands of our allies. But she did not want nukes in the

mid east as she was trying to do her fear mongering among Democratic women.


then, hillary said the jews - israelis - in Palestine have nuclear weapons.


Soooooo, it is clear from hillary's own words, she does NOT want the jews

to have nuclear weapons and wants to leave the jews at the hands of

the Pakistanis who have nukes and terrorists in Iran who will be getting nukes

because hillary and obama have left the door open for iran to get nukes.

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obama and repukes in congress just gave the jews in Palestine

37.5 BILLION of your tax dollars in weapons to kill Palestinian

women and children and keep them in ghettos like in Gaza.


And obama secretly gave billions in CASH of your tax dollars to

rabid muslims in Iran.


That is why hillary does not want anyone but the jews to have

nuclear weapons in the mid east - so the jews in the wall street

banks and stock brokerage houses can keep control of her and

congress with campaign contribution BRIBES.

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