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Huge Electoral Map Shift Has Hillary Campaign in Panic Mode

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A few weeks back, Reuters/Ipsos released a fun, interactive electoral college map that allowed users to model their own expectations of how the 2016 presidential election would play out. Reuters also offered up their own scenario based on their internal polling data from all 50 states. And, as early as August 26, 2016 Reuters was predicting a landslide victory for Clinton.


But, now it's looking increasingly likely that Reuters will have to "tweak" their polling data again as recent results show amassive Trump surge that have thrust him into the lead.


Here is Reuters' latest prediction of what the 2016 electoral college map will look like once all the votes are counted. Notice that the entire central portion of the U.S. has turned red (including Colorado and New Mexico) along with Florida and South Carolina in the Southeast. And perhaps even more shocking is that Reuters has been forced to move Pennsylvania out of the Democrat column and into the "Too Close To Call" column.


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