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Tom Freidman on Trump..

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of course you and the rest of the cons wouldn't know...I'll bet you can name every nascar driver & all-star wrestler out there though...


I can't name a single nascar driver, thought I could but I don't know a single one. Would Jerry Lawler be considered a all-star wrestler? I knew Tom's dad from way back, he used to own a surplus bearing company, they bought people's surplus or dead inventory for pennies on the dollar and sold them all over the country, if you needed a discontinued or hard to find bearings they were the people to go to. I don't know what it is about Jewish people but they have a knack for doing things like Harold did. Tom never really worked, typical rich kid, spent a lot of time at the country club playing golf and tennis. Tom seems like a nice enough guy, not considered to be partisan, I think "fair" would be a good way to describe him as far as his writing career goes. I think Tom's comments on Trump may be true depending on what you are looking at the POTUS to do right now because people have different ideas as to the direction this country should be heading. A lot of people aren't seeing progress, we're told it's happening but it's hard to find, at least the type of progress typical Americans are looking for. There's no question Trump isn't the ideal candidate but he is different, very different and that appeals to many people that seem willing to overlook Trump's obvious problems in order to take a stab at seeing REAL change that means something to the majority not the minority of Americans. Hillary does seem like the obvious choice for POTUS if you like the direction this country is going but even she is very flawed and may still win easily because Trump obviously isn't very smooth around the edges and doesn't seem to enjoy being treated like a puppet which is something anyone running for office has to learn to do in order to be elected, go with the flow, don't make waves.


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NASCAR drivers and pro wrestlers are simply entertainers, and their political opinions are no more worthwhile than those of the guy who bags your groceries.

Who is Tom Friedman ? Sounds Jewish

So what?


If you had any degree of political sophistication you would know who he was and what he thought and what books he had written.


But you do not read books, do you?

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"Trump sounds like a 5th grader that is giving a book report, and hasn't even read the book...the man hasn't even spend 5 minutes studying the Issues,..the man is not even close to being qualified as President of the United States"

And yet he's kicking Hillary's ass.

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