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Democratic Chicago Tribune says hillary should resign from race

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Seriously, why aren't all Demo rats demanding that hillary withdraw from

the race and lawyer up to be prosecuted and go to jail like martha stewart,

sailors putting classified documents, gov. blogovitch, hastert, etc, all went

to jail?


In jail, hillary could get over her drug and alcohol addictions, get a bible

and find jesus.

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I would agree with the Tribune except that kaine or

bernie sanders might have a better chance at beating Trump

than hillary.

Why hasn't obama fired attorney general lynch for failure to do her

job and her failure to prosecute hillary in exchange for a bribe?


Why haven't republicans started impeachment proceedings against



Will obama pardon hillary before he leaves office?

Will obama pardon sailors taking their work home on their own laptops

like obama has pardoned thousands of drug dealers?

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The Chicago tribune did not take the position or make the claim that you have posted in this OP. You "made it up".

Hillary was found to be 100% innocent of any wrongdoing by the FBI...after millions of taxpayer dollars and months of investigating.

Just like whitewater.

Just like BenGhazi.

When will the haters learn?

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