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Arab American Voters: Clinton 60 Percent, Trump 26 Percent

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Trump keeps forcing whole demographics to vote against Republicans. You asked for it, you got it.





(Full article at above link)



For years, Arab American voters, like most other ethnic communities, slightly leaned toward the Democratic party but were swing voters in national and local elections. This was the pattern we observed in the early years of our more than two decades of biannual surveys of the community’s voting behavior. It is no longer the case, as Arab Americans have increasingly come to identify themselves as Democrats and vote for Democratic candidates.

Beginning in 2002 and continuing during the next decade, the community drifted away from the Republican Party. There were a number of factors that fueled this drift. Initially, it was the post-9/11 reaction of the Bush Administration that compromised the civil liberties of recent immigrants, followed by the War in Iraq, and then the hard line rhetoric that came to dominate the GOP. The first to be affected were those Arab Americans who were more recent immigrants and Muslim. While Arab Americans who had been born in the US had stronger party identification, those who were immigrants were classic “swing voters.” But, as our polling demonstrated, all parts of the community were repulsed by and felt threatened by the increased harsh anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

In our most recent poll of Arab Americans, 50 percent of all those surveyed said they had personally experienced discrimination because of their ethnicity, while 53 percent expressed concern that they might face discrimination in the future. In an October poll of likely Arab American voters, Hillary Clinton smothers Donald Trump, by a margin of 60 percent to 26 percent. Commissioned by the AAI and conducted by Zogby Analytics, the survey found that the movement of Arab Americans away from the Republican Party has continued. Arab Americans now favor the Democratic Party over the Republicans by two to one — with 52 percent identifying as Democrats and only 26 percent who say they are Republicans. And when asked which party they prefer to control Congress, by a margin of 54 percent to 27 percent Arab Americans say they favor the Democrats.

When asked why they would vote for either Clinton or Trump, Arab Americans gave surprisingly similar responses. Over 40 percent of Clinton voters said they were supporting her either because of party loyalty or because they liked her domestic policies. Another third said they were, in fact, voting against Trump. Only one in ten identified foreign policy as the reason they were supporting Clinton.



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