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What is the rule for quotation?


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Is it alright to alter the text when quoting someone?

When you catch someone doing it use the original quote as a reply to the edited version to show how corrupted the person that changed it is. Fight corruption with honesty, not another form of symbolism over substance philosophy.


co-opting another version of psychological class warfare just corrupts everyone playing the same game trying to conquer Eternity eternally denying the self evident for generations.

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Who cares

She was givin' me a $1 handjob at the truck stop. (not recommended) so....junior got off the leash ,literally.

So the whiny bitch does what he's whining about other people doing.

Rule #2: Liberals are hypocrites. Rule #3: Golfball is a stupid twinkie.


It's the skidmark who posts here as Blue Devil

Blue Balls is the annoying fuck who thinks Lenin is still relevant and fills half a page with other people's photoshopped junk.......THAT asshole.

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