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Video Surfaces of Trump Sexually Humiliating Woman on Stage

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Trump is insecure, petty, vengeful, sleazy, and has no class. And some people want him to be President of the United States. Unbelievable.



Video Shows Donald Trump Sexually Humiliating Woman Before Large Audience

He decided to take revenge on another former Miss Universe.




(Video at above link)



Revenge has been a fixture of Donald Trump’s corporate speeches for years. It almost always comes up as he offers advice to his audience on how to succeed in business, and usually includes a Rosie O’Donnell anecdote.

But at one speech in Sydney in October 2011, he decided to give the audience a live example of what revenge looks like by calling a woman he felt had slighted him onstage and sexually humiliating her in front of thousands of onlookers.

Remarkably, Trump telegraphs precisely what he is about to do.

“Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe that,” he begins, receiving a round of applause and cheers.

“I’ll give you an example: Jennifer Hawkins. Where’s Jennifer? Where’s she sitting? Get over here, Jennifer,” Trump says, referring to the 2004 Miss Universe winner, who is Australian. “First of all, how beautiful is Jennifer? This is about getting even.”

Trump then explains why he needs to “get even” with Hawkins, whom he accuses of declining to introduce him at the event. “I was so angry at her yesterday. Seriously, as I said, I thought that she dissed me. I thought that my Jennifer ― I’m going around saying she’s my favorite Miss Universe, but I think I like the new one better, Jennifer. So I go around saying she’s the greatest ... then when I came here, there was no Jennifer Hawkins to introduce me.”

Hawkins asks to take the mic to explain herself. Trump initially offers it, then bumps her aside quickly.

The next exchange is difficult to hear, but sounds like:

Hawkins: No, no, in my defense...

Trump: Go ahead...

Hawkins: ...there was a miscommunication. Of course I wanted to come here...

Retaking the mic, Trump ramps up the revenge. “I was actually going to get up and tell you that Jennifer is a beautiful girl on the outside, but she’s not very bright,” he says, as the crowd laughs. “That wouldn’t have been true, but I would have said it anyway.”

Trump then elaborates on how he believed Hawkins had slighted him. “Because I said, ‘You know what, it would be great. I haven’t seen Jennifer in a couple of years. She’s so great and she did so well, and she’s a big star here, and I helped her make it ― I own the Miss Universe pageant. And I heard that she wouldn’t introduce me.’”

Hawkins jumps in, “But I did!”

“No, but you didn’t,” Trump replies. “So what happens is ― and you know what? She came tonight, she came ― came, she came, she came,” he says, finally getting the prolonged laughter he was looking for.

In case there was any question whether Trump was deliberately using the word, he adds, “See, so they have the same filthy minds in Australia.”

“As you,” Hawkins replies, accurately.

Hawkins proceeds to explain the miscommunication, and then Trump pulls her close and goes in for a kiss. She puts her arm up in between them, and Trump lands his kiss on her cheek.

“Can I sit down now?” she asks.

“Yes, go,” he says.

Trump has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault in the last few weeks after a video surfaced showing him making lewd remarks about actress Arianne Zucker and bragging that he could grab and kiss women without consent. So far, Hawkins has been mum on the assault allegations.

Trump has also gone after former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, calling her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.”

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