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Despite horrendous reporting, FBI is NOT reopening Clinton investigati


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corporate media

"Although the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant, and I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work






and when it further clears her then what

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That is ok, the 33,000 e-mails are coming out briefly. The goods were shown to the FBI in advance of Operation Bimbo Eruption.

I hope you enjoy Hillary planning her daughters wedding and yoga classes!!!!


Now here is what frosts your ass child molesting enabler.

MORE: "Premature" to say FBI investigation into Clinton email server has been reopened, sources tell @jeffpeguescbs http://cbsn.ws/2eZKZdz



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Hillary supporters can stop panicking. The “reopening of the FBI’s email investigation” story blasted out by every hungry reporter and desperate Republican has already completely fallen apart. It took less than two hours.

The initial headlines were as grim as they were overblown. Shortly before an official announcement, NBC News leaked the news that the FBI would be looking into newly discovered emails related to the previous Clinton investigation.

NBC News: FBI re-opening investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server

— Jesse Rodriguez (@JesseRodriguez)


This was important because despite Republicans hanging every last one of their hopes on Hillary being indicted before the election, the FBI investigation found zero evidence of criminal wrongdoing. A new investigation made all those dashed hopes come rushing back. They. Freaked. Out.

Especially Trump.

Trump: called FBI announcement "bigger than Watergate" during rally in NH.

— Hallie Jackson (@HallieJackson)


However, even as Trump took a meaningless victory lap, the story itself was falling apart. The bombshell turned out to be a dud.

Over on MSNBC, veteran reporter Pete Williams did what almost no other reporter bothered to – he got to the bottom of it.


All the “big” things turned out to not exist. No, there is no evidence to suggest these new emails were covered up. No, they haven’t found anything incriminating. No, this isn’t a “reopening” of the case – it was never closed to the begin with and this is a small update not a gamechanger. And perhaps most importantly these emails did not even come from Hillary Clinton.

Bigger than Watergate? Hardly.

Like Wikileaks before it, this non-scandal will be used on the right to give the appearance that Hillary Clinton is “corrupt” without providing any concrete proof beyond it. There is no big story here, but the conservative movement will use it as a pretext to continue harassing Clinton and her campaign with baseless accusations. FBI Director James Comey may have scored a few political points with his Republican colleagues, but his investigation will likely yield zero fresh controversies.

This is the maddening world we live in. A sham built on a sham built on a sham. It’s shams all the way down.


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Hmmm... so the FBI says they are "Considering new information" and EVEN CNN says that the FBI is reopening the case...


BUT, all you LEMMINGS... you believe the Eclectic Dyslectic... I'll stick to the FACTS...

Justice dept rep: we really don't have any information to give and we apologize for unfairly tarnishing Mrs. Clinton by making it appear we do.


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I don't know what kind of snake oil YOU'RE trying to sell, but MOST of the major networks are admitting that the FBI has reopened the case, AND Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame), has come out and said that the FBI WOULD NOT have reopened it, UNLESS the information that they have was a TOTAL BOMBSHELL...


That would go along with what I've heard also...

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Real bombshell. Lol


The Associated Press reported that the emails the FBI is investigating are not from Clinton and did not come from her private server.


Justice dept rep: we really don't have any information to give and we apologize for unfairly tarnishing Mrs. Clinton by making it appear we do.



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