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Anniversary coming up biggest presidential pardon ever....


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It's been almost 16 years since the Clinton's pardoned the biggest tax cheat in history that was hiding out in



Of course the pardon didn't go through until the $400K check cleared for the Clinton library...


Check out Marc Rich liberals...



And this is the honest, clean family you want in the White House?

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Snooze man zzz got his ass kicked so badly in the prez pardon thread he took his baboon red ass over here.


When a con has to deflect to Bill Clinton..in 2016 ..you know they're hurting badly.


You can run but you can't hide coward.

So why have so many women (14) accused your boi of sexual assault NOW?

You've had over a week to look it up.

But we both know you DO know the reason but you're too much a cowardly putz to admit it.

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