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Wow !!!! Where do I begin ? Rudy Giuliani Used to been an intelligent prosecutor years ago ..... But now is dumb as turdzilla , endlessly rambling about things he doesn't understand and getting badly beaten in debates by both Chris Coumo and mark Cuban on Cnn . The title though takes the cake for the dumbest statement ever .

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No they just have the ward leader vote for them...they don't even have to show up.

Speaking of dead people voting ....... Did you make to an early polling station ? I m sure if they just take your temperature they can prove your not dead !

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Killing the messenger because of the message...the ultraliberal way.


There is no question that the Justice Department has been highly politicized by a president who has repeatedly struck the wrong chords in policing matters.


That division and distrust has been exacerbated by a White House that gives inveterate race-baiter Al Sharpton revolving-door access and welcomes in the anti-cop Black Lives Matter, never once condemning their hateful rhetoric against police officers.

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