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People are telling their Travel Agents not to book trump hotels


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People Are Telling Their Travel Agents Not To Book Trump Hotels This isn’t good for business.
10/27/2016 12:56 pm ET
Suzy Strutner Associate Lifestyle Editor, The Huffington Post
Donald Trump and his family cut the ribbon on a new Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday in what the New York Times called another “remarkable display of personal promotion by a presidential nominee.”

It’s no surprise the man who wants to build a wall on the Mexican border has seen protests outside his hotel properties. And based on reports of reduced bookings, things may only get worse for Trump Hotels if Donald Trump keeps talking.

Travel Weekly recently surveyed about 1,100 travel agents, and more than half reported having clients who specify they aren’t interested in staying at Trump hotels. About 46 percent of these agents said more of their clients asked to avoid Trump hotels after the recording of Trump’s lewd comments about women surfaced.

Sixty-one percent said they recommend Trump’s hotels less often since he launched his campaign.

Workers affix the final letter onto Trump Tower Chicago in 2014.

“When talking to my clients [today], it’s like enough is enough,” Stacy Weigant, a Florida-based travel specialist, told Travel Weekly. “It’s just one thing after another after another. And our clients are just getting very tired of his divisiveness and just everything going on with him.”

We’d imagine that lines of angry protesters might be a main concern for travel agents who want to give clients a relaxing vacation experience. And travelers seem to worry about what others will think of them if they choose a Trump hotel, says Julie Danziger, director of luxury travel services at Ovation Vacations.

Her company has seen a 29 percent dip in Trump bookings over the past six months.

“Some people don’t want people to say anything negative to them,” Danziger told The Huffington Post. “They care what their friends think and what other people think.”

One of Trump’s newest properties, The Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., is already cutting some rates as it struggles to book holiday season parties, according to a report Thursday in The New York Times.

Protesters rally outside the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, Oct. 26.581230d2170000b0005ba1f6.jpeg
Protesters erect a cardboard wall in front of the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas during the Culinary Union’s Wall of Taco Trucks protest on Oct. 19.

Travelers who book without agents also seem to be having an anti-Trump moment. Booking site Hipmunk found that reservations for Trump hotels dropped about 58 percent during the first half of 2016 compared to the same time last year. Foursquare did similar research to find that Trump hotels, casinos and golf clubs had about 16 percent fewer visits this September compared to the previous one, a spokesperson told HuffPost.

Our own online search for a room for election night at Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City turned up a rate of $598, which Kayak earmarked as 50 percent off the usual price. Most of the other five-star hotels in the city listed less of a discount, if any at all, for that same evening.

Contrary to reports, Trump Hotels CEO Eric Danziger says the enterprise is rolling right along.

“... [T]he political campaign runs separately from our business,” he told The Huffington Post in a statement. “As a company, we are in growth mode.”

Trump, meanwhile, is preparing to launch a new hotel brand that targets younger clients and “those looking for a sense of connection during their travels.” But they won’t be connecting with his name.

He’s decided to leave “Trump” off the new hotel’s branding, calling the line “Scion” instead.



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It's a free country

Yep, and free people are rejecting Trump.





Good. Macy's tried it and their stock price is cratering. Trump supporters left after Macy stopped selling his ties. hahahaha.

It should be that way. Child Molesters shouldn't be supported.

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Good. Macy's tried it and their stock price is cratering. Trump supporters left after Macy stopped selling his ties. hahahaha.


The only ties tRUMP supporters wear are clip-ons. Retards have a tough time tying ties. Also, Macy's is a classy store. tRumproids do better at Wamart.



See what I mean?

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