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hillary is an extremely poor role model

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hillary has LIED including under oath,

hillary has left brave men to die in benghazi,

hillary has sold access to power as sec. of state,

hillary has sent millions of jobs and US factories to china, and will

do so again with TPP

hillary as a role model tells mothers and daughters it is okay to

sell your soul for money,

hillary is a role model for men hating feminazis,

hillary is an enabler of billy bob abusing and raping women,

obama said hillary will do and say anything for power and money,


If you voted for hillary, is she now the perfect role model for your

daughters to become nasty, trashy, political prostitute, drug users.

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hillary uses drugs and she wants to spend your money to give

suburban moms and their druggie daughters free months long

vacations in expensive "rehab" spas.


And hillary is bribing women with promises of using YOUR money

to give their fat ass hole daughters four more years of high school

(college) until they can snare some male sucker to support them.

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