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hillary will be impeached

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congressmen are already saying they have years of investigation ahead into

the criminal corruption of hillary and billy bob and their staffs at state and at

their foundation and her tax evasion.


UNLESS hillary agrees to TPP to move more jobs and U S factories OUT of the

USA to china, and


UNLESS hillary agrees to give more tax cuts to the rich and agrees to more

deficit spending to dump on young Bernie Sanders voters, and


UNLESS hillary agrees to cancel obamacare and re-enrich the insurance and

drug companies, and


UNLESS hillary agrees to start more wars to enrich the military industrial complex,



hillary says FINE, okeedokee, you can have all those things as long as she gets

to keep getting millions in bribes and pay for play and pay for access.

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The Repukicons will stagnate the government as much as they can.. They are fucking anarchists.


nope, all congressmen ONLY CARE about getting rich from bribes, called campaign

contributions, from the rich just like hillary bribed the lead investigator in the FBI

to not indict her

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hillary is picking out the drapes and furniture for the white house and

putting a transition team in place, and


hillary is spiking the ball and declaring victory two weeks before the election.


what a nasty ass gal !!

suck it up

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