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Early polling: Trump will take Florida 55 to 45.

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Hitlery Rotten Clinton's Base:


- Poor

- College Indoctrinated

- Black

- Women


They may answer the phone, but...


- n!ggers won't go out because they are on drugs.

- Women will get lost on the way.

- Poor don't care.

- College Indoctrinated will be too busy on-line gaming in their two mommies' basement.


They won't vote.


See ya at the Polls in November.




The White House she's headed for...


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It's hysterical the sites you dopes are forced to go to to keep up your morale.

One thing you bottom feeders still don't get is that many republicans are moving to Hillary.

Decent people don't vote for a racist birther serial sex offender.

Let's see what a real pollster says about Florida:


Hillary up 2.3 points.

Eat it...eat it raw.

Conservatives are idiots

And the hysterical point is that there are so many of them...but not nearly enough to win a general election.

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20,000 Supporters Turn Out to See DONALD TRUMP in Tampa


Meanwhile, in other News...



The White House Hitlery Rotten Communist's headed for...



Experts say that Texas Republicans will likely get their constituents together enough for a narrow Trump victory in the state, but it's too late for other Republican-leaning important battleground states like Florida, where GOPers are bracing themselves for a "landslide" loss. Trump trails Clinton in nearly every Florida poll in recent weeks and, according to RealClear Politics averages, is behind by almost four percentage points. Without Florida, Trump's White House bid is over, according to experts of all political persuasions.

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