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rednecks.....your Invented Myth and "God"

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For those of us who lived (and paid attention) during the Reagan years, life was interesting. What would that wacky, happy guy say or do next? Would he embarrass the country by falling asleep at an international summit? Would he show us some more pie charts while increasing the national debt? Would he allow junk bond kings to destroy entire communities while downsizing fever ruined countless lives?

All this and more. Every day was a new experience, a new challenge to see just how much the American public would take. Of course, the answer (as provided by his next two successors) is: just about anything. Not to pick on the ol' Gipper, but the clips below are a matter of public record. Take a walk down memory lane and remind yourself of why future historians will look back on the Reagan Error and say: "Where was the rest of him?"

Some people may find the following funny, others may find it painful. As there's quite a bit of stuff here, please feel free to use the following links to jump to the year of your choice. Listed are just a couple of "highlights" from each year


1981 The Reagan Cabinet is installed, but it's cracked

1982 Jobless in "South Succotash"; Marines die; AND deficit climbs

1983 "Nikolai Lenin" (?); Marines die; AND War in Grenada!

1984 No poverty, no hostages; AND any problems are "Carter's fault"

1985 $640 toilet seats; AND don't embarrass the Nazis!

1986 Stockman finks; Just Say No; AND Iran-gate

1987 More hostages; Ollie North; AND "we need McCarthy!"

1988 Bush bombs; "unavoidable accident"; AND heeerrre's Dan Quayle!

1989 Bye bye

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Observing ultraliberal behavior is at the heart of everything Old Mack post.


Everyday Michelle Obama has to wake up in a house that slaves built and contains no Bibles but in the mean time...on a Chinese made TV she bought at Walmart, (where Tim Tebow once worked when he was in College, the same one Glen Beck thought about going to) Sarah Palin simultaneously watched MSNBC on how the REPUBS were completely to blame for every thing wrong with the Government, CNN about the Trayvon Martin injustice and Fox News about East Jerusalem (but there was no mention of global warming disproportionately caused by Israel and the effect it has on the peace loving Palestinian people); while she read a article on gun control (and day dreamed about what has a greater impact...same sex marriage or the Republican war on women) as she ate a Chick-Fil-A sandwich...washing it down with a 64 oz Coke, that she bought at a Koch Brothers franchise (where everyone works at minimum wage), right next to the Catholic Church (where the local Tea Party meets to discuss keeping minorities down, the illegal immigrant problem, Obama not being born in America, assonating Sandra Flunke and the war in Iraq that Haliburton started) which was built where a old growth forest use to be, that the Red Skins used for burying their dead and as a center for redistributing their wealth until White Christian European males (who Mitt Romney is a direct descendant of) came and stole their land...planting it with genetically altered crops and polluted it and never paid enough taxes on it because they are the greedy rich who take advantage of the Bush tax cuts (like Donald Trump) and hoping they could some day build a prison there to warehouse Black inmates that racist cops rail roaded, all the while...Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a outrageously sheer pair of pants...(without any underwear on) danced on Ronald Reagan's grave, as vegetarians held up protest signs and hippies gave the peace sign, Occupy Wall Street protesters chanted and burned an American flag and just for fun Hillary Clinton stuck pins in a Karl Rove voodoo doll as Al Sharpton a Holocaust denier yelled (in the heart of KKK country) at Ted Nugent 'we wanta get paid for slavery (even tho it ended 150 years ago)...you White privlage MOFO...as Chelsea and Ivanka mud wrestled.

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