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Donald Trump: A Clinton Plant, A RINO Decoy, A Democrat Stealth ...

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Donald Trump: A Clinton Plant, A RINO Decoy, A Democrat Stealth ...


A Plant, a Decoy or a Stealth Candidate


Both sides of the right-left spectrum are advancing

political plots and intrigues concerning the Trump

candidacy which make too much sense to be dismissed.


It’s been said by many other political commentators and analysts that if the Clintons were to conceive a plot that would both destroy the Republican Party (which deserves total destruction) and guarantee a win for Hillary, a Donald Trump candidacy is it.


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RIGHT !! THAT'S why the "establishment elites" HATE him so much... why he beats over the head Hillary with every inconvenient, and damning FACT that Bill and Hillary have been guilty of over the last 40 years... and why the Democrat MACHINE is going NUTS to pull every dirty trick they can THINK of to STOP Trump...


PERSONALLY, and after the way Mitt Romney has acted... I would say HE was the Democrat plant... because HE was a PATSY, and did EVERYTHING the Democrats WANTED him to do...


NOT TRUMP !! He IS FIGHTING... and the ferocity of the fight is how I KNOW it's for real, and for KEEPS !!



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the gop is such a Joke...and has been since they make that 3rd rate actor their Invented Myth & God





We thought Nixon was bad. Every GOP POTUS has been worse than the one before.


Trump is destroying the GOP from the bottom up by exposing their depraved base. This is a great psyops move.

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