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If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck

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123 your out is the dumbest bitch on earth , watch out things are gonna nasty around here if your still around after nov 8 th ass kicking !

123 is mad. He's old, white and Christian or in other words, one of the dispossessed

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If he's around after election I will spare no effort in destroying him with ultraliberals content and much nastier insults than he's prepared to deal with / he's nothing but a fat conservative pedophile !

He's done. He lost what was left of white privilege and he ain't getting it back.

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I saw a guy holding a sign on a stret corner tiday u wish I could post the photo I took of him



He gave me a thumbs up for my

liar liar


On fire!



Car magnets

Nah, it was his middle finger

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Trump made em think they could get it back. They fell for a fraud. Trump can't turn back time

It's like believing coal will make a roaring comeback

No yday I honked at a truck with a trump sticker he thought i gave him the bird and raced up next to me and axed if I had a problem I said no problem no bird it was a thumbs up

You always get your shit mixed up

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