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GREAT early voting: NC early vote Hillary 63% to 37%

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Oh like people will run to the voting booths to vote for Hillary she gets them all fired up


Actually, more so than usual, and for the same reason: Trump is a potential for disaster. Dem turnout is historically lower than Repub turnout. We are unmotivated, don't you know.

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The great thing is is that regular voting is predicted as being depressed, because Trump is such a disgusting candidate. No one wants him in office. Republican voters are going to stay home in record numbers.



Not the ones I know in NC. We're voting STEIN!

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If she won the presidency, I wouldn't mind. Anyone but Trump.


Hillary's leaks have actually put me more at ease with her. She actually has disdain not only for Republicans but also the radical left, where Bernie and Warren dwell. Maybe with Bill's help, she can keep us limping along, even if it is weak growth and stagflation.

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Trump is leading in Florida and especially among women and hispanics.


hillary and her moron supporters are spiking the ball on the 15 yard line

and doing their touchdown dance with 15 days to go.


hillary lives in a culture and filthy smelly swamp of corruption like the latest

scandal of her bribing the top level of the FBI to not prosecute her. But her

voters must love the smell of being ass holes for her since "she is one

of us."

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