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Trump in meltdown, says ghostwriter Tony Schwartz

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"He has the smallest vocabulary of anybody ever running for any public office, county commissioner, let alone President. He has a two hundred word vocabulary. Once he gets beyond that, you know that he's reading somebody else's speech." So much for Trump's allegation, "I know all the words, the best words."


Tony Schwartz says that, "without the media, he doesn't exist." Schwartz goes on to say that it takes, "Everything just to fill himself up. He doesn't have anything left over for anybody else."



Listen to the whole thing.


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Love Tony Schwartz he knows Trump the best of anyone who's not on the Trump payroll so we get truth.

He was appalled how slow and weak minded Trump was when he wrote the book for him.

Tony said over the years Trump started telling people he wrote the ART OF THE DEAL.


You don't have to know Trump personally or well to tell that there is something really, really wrong with him. He screams wrong

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