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Trump is toast.

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Yup, I did the early voting thing this morning here in FLA.


And there were tons of fat, ugly, nasty, angry, bitchy women in line

with their ball less men. They had to be voting for hilldabitch since

"she is one of us" even though hillary is a fucking criminal and a

perjurer and left brave men to die in benghazi and destroyed evidence,

and obstructed justice and LIED to the FBI and LIED to a federal judge.


pussies are stronger together regardless that their leader is a fucking




And what is really funneee are the macho manly man guys in pickup

trucks who bitch like little girls but are not man enough to vote.

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Your excuse for Trump losing is hilarious since Hillary has the educated white vote and Trump has the uneducated hillbilly vote.


Gee, even with a college education and grad school, I am an uneducated hill billy????????

But, but, but, I thought that I was an irredeemable deplorable or a bernie sanders'

baristas basement dweller???


I am so confused.

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