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“Who do you trust to be your president: the Republican, or Donald Trum

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Just fostering ideas until they become the ideal means of justifying denial cradle to grave every generation until extinction of the human species spaced apart one lifetime at a time now as existing currently.


syllogism is such an ugly use of vocabulary, untitled. Ever watch the movie, "My Name is Nobody"? Great parable fable about a little bird falling from its nest in it. Shows where humanity went wrong since the dawn of civilizing humans into casts of people hoping now isn't Eternity eternally spacing what has arrived apart until it doesn't exist anymore within the moment here.


Directing outcomes for every incoming detail of ancestry of the food chain adapting in the same space as spaced apart currently. "Self evident, try honestly explaining it as academia doesn't ever define life completely directing intstitutional authority at pretending anything other than self contained is possible.


Hope, faith, charity is just the opposite side of helplessness, hopel;essness, and socially worth less than those inventing excuses to fall prey to prayer.

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