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got me a 3d printer today

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Shouldn't this be in the Water Cooler? Who fucking cares!!!!!!!!!!!

no it shouldnt because i am going to print me some guns and shit

Shouldn't this be in the Water Cooler? Who fucking cares!!!!!!!!!!!

nlggers dont get to decide whats in NHB and whats not

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I will buy one before I try to contract any parts


I will prove them to myself first

There are a lot hydroponics system components that could be 3D Printed


One day it will be too hot to grow food outdoors

thats never going to happen in our lifetime,, i dont believe any of that global warming bullshit

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Just make sure u put it under your pillow at night since u are such a paranoid little twirp.

h, o, w spells "who" as much as "how" doesn't require knowing both to understand why everything is so corrupted socially regardless the society at large. Deniers call anyone that understands what they deny paranoid as mob rule overwhelms individuality by sedition and seductive means to their predetermined goals. When details are defined by working theories of anything other than self contained to now teamed up with practicing any other place than here, it has to be controlled intellectually by context, symbolism over substance philosophy, and mind the vocabulary over navigating the substances specifically displaced or else psychology.


Educating hope, faith, charity teaches everyone to feel helpless, hopeless, and worth less if they don't pick a side of interpreting things hypothetically. Everyone is taught to respect deniers and find honesty completely anti-social behavior.


Ego of "we" one person speaks for instead of saying telling everyone who they are as "my people". ancestry trains ancestors, ancestors trying to control everyone else's ancestries is the sport of royal triangulating twp ends of interpretation against the point of balance everything is spaced apart within here while now alive.

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