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Trumps tax plan

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Make America Great Again



I feel like we just played the Word Series of tax reform and the American people won!


That quote is from Ronald Reagan, in his address to the nation when he signed his second sweeping tax reform package into law on October 22, 1986.


Thats right - today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this historic act, which put our country on a path to a generation of incredible prosperity.


As President of the United States I will lead boldly to achieve amazing American economic strength, just like my political hero Ronald Reagan did.


Its exactly what the Trump tax plan is all about its time to empower our people and our economy again.



President Reagans 1986 reform package cut personal and business tax rates, and greatly simplified a completely out-of-control tax code.


But over the last three decades its positive effects have been eroded by subsequent tax hikes, bad trade deals made by incompetent career politicians, and regulations that stifle economic activity in our country.


Thats why I have proposed a bold and aggressive tax plan to jumpstart our American economy.


This is what I will do:

Simplify the tax code, with big relief for middle-class families;


Reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, making it one of the best in the world, to bring back millions of jobs;


Close many loopholes currently available to corporations and wealthy individuals;


Get rid of the death tax, so our people can pass down their wealth to their children and grandchildren instead of handing it over to the federal government.


Its now or never, and believe me, none of this will ever happen with Crooked Hillary Clinton in the White House. It will be four more years of Barack Obamas disastrous failed economic policies, and worse.



Best wishes,


Donald J. Trump


Donald J. Trump


P.S. Today marks the 30th anniversary of President Reagans 1986 Tax Reform Act and I am determined to WIN so we can empower our people and our economy again. My bold and aggressive tax plan will do just that, and it will be one of the top legislative priorities in a Trump White House. JOIN today to help me Make America Great Again!

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