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Is that a poopstain in shillarys dress ?

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Yeah it's a shit stain. But I can tell by the color that it's a uberliberal shit stain, so it's a fashion statement




she cant even control her shitting,,, she wears a pee bag and depends and she still shits herself



shes gonna die soon shes falling apart

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i just want to be alive when the clintons and the obamas die so i can laugh at them and insult their lives, family, and cuss at them....


its always a good day when a kennedy dies

They wouldn't care anymore then than they do now
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This is not a photoshopped picture...maybe just a unfortunate coincidence.






Most likely photoshopped by some adolescent, wannabe-fascist, Young Republican.



Worst case scenario - it was. So what? That's biology. To point it out would be tactless. The create a post about it is nothing less than infantile.

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