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"A republic if you can keep it" - Fmr Justice Souter

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Listen up ignorant Trump base !!!



Perils of eroded civic knowledge forewarned by Fmr Justice Souter


"A republic if you can keep it, You can't keep it in ignorance" - Fmr Justice Souter


Does liberty save individuality or does human rights preserve denial by everyone serving humanity?


Ignorance is a result of ignoring the self evident, now how do things exist self evidently if not self contained as spaced apart now forever changing what arrives next now and only while part of the moment here.


Here being anywhere in the universe as currently displaced as one of a kind ancestors. To defend a faith anything is possible one must never accept the inevitable now is actually Eternity separating eternal details kinetically, not by potential differences of opinions about being alive now.


Fmr Justice Souter had become a social elitist able to direct social outcomes of everyone's ancestry for generations by law and order fostered by symbolism over substance and sustained by psychological class warfare.

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Souter re-interpreted Ben Franklin's statement leaving The building after helping write the original constitution talking about preserving the liberty to remain individuals, rather than be cast as a public mind.


Don't forget intellect is only two dimensional memories rather than instinctive navigation while simultaneously separated currently constantly.

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