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Trumps anxiety disorder is always apparent...

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The way he constantly answers questions like a dumbass, with no real substance. The incessant sniffling. No matter where he is, he has to grab and adjust that microphone, kinda feeling if his weenie is still there. The interrupting, the name calling, the lies, the extreme narcissism...


The man suffers from major anxiety disorder. Permanently uncomfortable with himself, he can barely talk when around other adults, he's consistently ignorant, like he hasn't read a book in decades. The meanness he is compelled to display is involuntary, he cannot help himself, like a 70 yr old overgrown toddler, has to get in trouble to remain the center of attention. Doesn't matter to Donald if it's bad attention. He is truly a psychopath, with untreated emotional illness for decades.


After he loses badly in 17 days, Melania will divorce him shortly thereafter, take their son to Slovenia, and try to heal from all the damage and humiliation he caused them. Trumps public anxiety attacks have lowered American politics to the gutter, and his rejection of traditional democratic norms has turned the GOP into a laughing stock for being conned by the deranged charlatan in the first place.


I recommend Thorazine for Donald, followed by a frontal lobotomy. It's what's best for him, and the country! Trump is a self-destructing human implosion, out of control, dangerous to women and children... Trump is the bully without a cause, who's only accomplished totally humiliating and degrading The United States of America in the eyes of the world.


We must do whats right to move forward as a free progressive Republic, banish Trump to a nice quiet upstate New York sanitarium, never to be heard from again. His nerves permanently calmed, and ours!!!

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