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The gop is at war with itself, no way it survives intact

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The GOP is at war with itself, and there's no way it survives intact

GOP like America is just intellectual ideology that individuals act as a collective mind. Same thing applies to your own. Nothing real remains what details have become so far be it ideology or ancestry.


The physical reasons are self evident unless you defend a reality where denying real is a virtue within corrupted social franchises that classify ancestors into types of people based upon interpretation of the same existing as one of a kind lifetimes aging simultaneously here.


Know the separation between intellectual consciousness, instinctive awareness, trained social conscience.

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And the GOP has no real leaders... The obstructionist human turtle McConnell, the spineless phony Ryan, the shill/bullshit artist/hater of gays Pence, the wacko Cruz, the feeble and inept Rubio, the phony blowhard hypocrite Gingrich, the stoneface mental patient Giuliani? They only have corporate and NRA puppets, no real strong leader to step up post-Trump disaster, to save the party. They are doomed after Trump has further destroyed relations with blacks, latinos, women, jews, muslims, moderate cons...


Trump has obliterated the GOP as a party. When they have the braindead Scott Baio speaking for them, you know they're over as a viable party.


They have themselves to blame, embracing the egregious psycho Trump and his band of neo-nazis, the GOP is unrecognizable. They need to start by immediately dumping the feckless Reince Preibus. If they put Michael Steele back at the helm, they might have a chance to restore some dignity.


Trump mortally wounded the GOP and left it for dead...

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This mental patient still thinks the Douche is going to win.


nice distraction

I know you would hate an anti free trade anti federal reserve anti import export bank anti war GOP

Trump doesn't have to win to blow up and purge the globalists from the GOP

You idiot dems have become what you claim to hate

You people have no morals no principles and are just fucked in the head

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I'm a registered Dumbshit. I don't agree with the direction of the Dumbshits Party (AKA - the GOP, or, as women now know us, the Grab Our Pussies Party), but it was so hard for us not to support one of our own when Trump came along and was so obviously a complete dumbshit.

Spoken like a true Dumbshit!

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