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Why conservatives are hateful to Hillary .... a conservative also?

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If they didn't pretend to not like her it would blow the cover of Hillary and Bill...... very very conservative politicians.


Conservatives love Bill Clinton because he is their man and a very smart man that was able to penetrate the Demo party then wrap voters

around his finger. Hillary has been his partner in crime for decades.


Conservatives look at a Bill as a political genius which between Bill and Hillary can sling the best bullshit ever. They have the demo party in the palm

of their hands as voters worship their very presence.

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It's bothered me that no one can admit that Bill Clinton was a conservative for the 8 years he was in the Whitehouse. He was a social and fiscal conservative.



I would characterize Bill as fiscally reckless. From time to time he would push privatization.


""Bill Clinton signed off on NAFTA, claiming it would create more and better jobs. He ended welfare as we knew it with "Welfare Reform". He escalated the "War on Drugs" and built multiple new prisons, creating the police state we have now ... And the world's leading rate of incarceration ... Disproportionately Black. Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall, deregulating the banking industry, with disastrous results.


"During Bill's tenure, Hillary was his co-president. Having been fooled once, it's hard for some to believe what she's saying now. Will she improve the lot of the middle class by, for instance, declaring, once again, for the Trans-Pacific Partnership or will she be in favor of a heavy tax on outsourcing? "


Hillary as Sec of State pushed Fracking in other countries for western supporters...... aka oil and gas special interests.

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