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Another Chapter From - - - Ya Can't Make This Up

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Dogs are unclean in Islam. What devout Muslim, after squatting & taking a shit in some alley ( or train station ), then clawing out the residue from his bung hole, with a bare left hand, would want to risk petting a dog?

Actually, I would not want the thing to pet my dog.

Dog only has so many immunizations.

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You know that all bigotry is rooted in phobia. You are a scared little pissant


Am not. Nyaaaaaaa I'm tellin my mom.

When a religion becomes so insane, that there are rules for wiping your ass, it's time to sit back an give it some serious thought.

I mean, does Islam have the bung hole - toilet paper police, who do random checks. Bend over Abdul, we're looking for evil TP residue.

Man caught smuggling toilet paper. Hand to be amputated. Try wiping you ass with that stump.

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I have more respect for someone like Steelfoot or Zilla than for your pissant ass


Liberal 101 - - - but that was different. heh heh heh

I guess Carter was a racist, right Zaro?

I can't wait for your reply. I mean, if I get a rational reply.

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