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The LOGIC of the Trump Aligations...

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Lets just look at the logic with the Trump allegations...


I don't know if these allegations are True, or LIES... However, lets assume for ONE SECOND that they were true. There was NO indication, in ANY of these allegations, that if asked to stop, that Trump wouldn't have... These women just NEVER asked... NOW, given the fame and money, YEARS after the fact, RIGHT before an election, NOW they have a problem?


Let's juxtapose this to Bill Clinton... He RAPED women, physically ABUSED them, DROPPED HIS PANTS in front of them (paid an $850,000 settlement for that one), had sex with interns in the Oval Office (disbarred and $1 Million fine for that), and HERE brags about having sex with black beauty queens... AND Hillary covered it ALL UP !!




SO, we are supposed to believe that because of this, HUGE segments of the voting public have DECIDED to support Hillary? It seems t me it's a reason to RUN AWAY from a raunchy, sorted repeat of the 1990's... Compared to Bill & Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is an Alter Boy !!



AND, we are to believe the polls that show this? It's TOO hard to believe... I think this is the BIG Money establishment elite crowd, trying to put the fix in for Hillary (she is THEIR candidate)... and they will lose power and influence if Trump is elected... I think the voting public is MUCH closer to "even", with the independents (who just want a CHANGE) supporting Trump... and just like BREXIT, the vote AGAINST Globalism and IDIOTIC immigration policies, will come out HUGE on election day !!

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