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Website "Liar Liar Trump on Fire" goes viral

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Trump lies. Hillary tells the truth. The decision is an easy one.




Site ‘Liar Liar Trump On Fire’ Gets Creative With Fact-Checking The Republican Nominee

"He’s got no strings, class or decency."






Fact-checking presidential candidates has become the game behind the game in 2016.

Serial liar and exaggerator Donald Trump has made covering this election an Olympic sport. Every Trump speech contains so many misleading statements and outright lies that it’s difficult to find the time to check the validity.

Website LiarLiarTrumpOnFire.com created a very appropriate way to tally some of Donald’s more egregious untruths. As you scroll through the debunked fibs perpetrated by the Republican presidential nominee, Trump-nocchio’s nose grows and grows ...

Warning: his nose gets quite large, and by the end, you will probably have been lied to enough to fill quite a few presidential elections.


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"And people know it I get honks all day long I have 2 car magnets"



king of the Country lives in alabummer



He also calls the Walmart parking lot his home. I have nothing against those deplorables who live in RVs. I just wish they would take the trouble to go into the store and take advantage of their restrooms. Pissing and shitting in the parking lot is rude.

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"Fact-checking presidential candidates has become the game behind the game in 2016."


Where the fuck was this shit 2008?

So who cares about it? Bammy would have failed Honesty101, too.


Hillary would have failed postpartum. (If it's even hers...)

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