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Question for Trump Supporters

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That Hitlery has no experience. You know she was co~president under Bill



That the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State has no experience.

Now answer the OP question , coward.


I said she has no experience as President. Nice try.


Answer: Yes he would and he has

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You're supporting a guy with absolutely no experience for the job he is seeking.

Do you think Trump would hire someone to run one of his businesses if they had no experience at all in this area?

If she had big boobs and a certain morally pliant attitude, sure.

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That's called Nepotism..,

Now answer the question without someone having Trump as their last name.


And your first sentence continues to be ridiculous and nothing but troll meat.


You asked do we think Trump would hire someone with no experience. You're asking for an opinion. My opinion is yes he would.

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