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New fox 'news' poll is making trump supporters lose their mind


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Posted by Stephen D. Foster Jr. on 16 Oct 2016




When Donald Trump sees this poll he’ll accuse Fox News of rigging the election for Hillary Clinton like his supporters are already doing.

The Republican nominee is a serial groper and liar who hits on teenagers and wants to bang his own daughter. He’s also a racist and a sexist who lashes out at the smallest slight made against him.

So, it’s obvious that Trump is NOT a good role model for children.

And most of the people who answered a Fox News poll agree.

In a poll that the conservative network released only moments ago, 54 percent of respondents say that Hillary Clinton is a good role model for kids while only 20 percent said Trump is a good role model.

A whopping 77 percent said Trump is NOT a good role model for children.


Fox News Poll: Good role model for children. pic.twitter.com/GCSWl8DMkO

— Fox News (@FoxNews) October 16, 2016

Trump’s supporters, of course, are already whining about the results.


@FoxNews that is because the media has lied to these people! I will not let my children watch hillary, they know she lied and killed

— GT (@RhinoNewt) October 16, 2016


@FoxNews Not buying this poll one bit! Not even a little! Nobody wants a liar as a role model for their kids! #HillaryForPrison! pic.twitter.com/4cxKoBBT9t

— California Redneck! (@Theresa_Cali) October 16, 2016


@FoxNews We don’t need Role Model. We need fixer!

— FREEDOMWINS (@FREEDOMWINS2016) October 16, 2016


@FoxNews I would rather be occasionally offended by Trump than in prison when Clinton selects next SCOTUS who will outlaw Christian values.

— Seeking Wisdom First (@seekwisdomfirst) October 16, 2016


@FoxNews forgets to tell you 3/4s polled were DEMS!

— TakeBackOurCountry (@AngelOfTruth16) October 16, 2016


@FoxNews yeah who poled them clinton foundation or meg kelly

— American Gladiator (@teapartypitbull) October 16, 2016

REALLY @FoxNews Get off the Clinton tit.

— Edward Simmons (@DaddyOtheGoof) October 16, 2016


@FoxNews you all are such BS! I’d rather have Trump around my kids than Hillary. Look at both candidates children! There’s your answer

— Deplorable Doctor (@Spurs_Skins_UK) October 16, 2016


So, just to recap. Trump supporters are now accusing Fox News of being in the bag for Hillary Clinton because they released a scientific poll showing that most Americans think Trump is a bad role model for kids. And that’s despite the fact that Fox News has been bashing the Clintons since launching in 1996.

Trump supporters, just like their leader, are truly batshit crazy.


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