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Kissing and Touching? THAT was 2nd BASE when I was a kid...

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AND NOW they are trying to use it to DISQUALIFY a Presidential candidate because of it, when the OPPONENTS (Bill and Hillary) have been guilty of:


1) RAPE (alleged by Juanita Broderick, with corroborating witnesses),

2) LEWD SEXUAL CONDUCT (and paid $850,000 for one instance of it),

3) Abuse of Power, Sexual Relations with an Intern (Disbarred & $1Million fine), AND

4) Hillary ORCHESTRATING the Cover Up, with attacks and THREATS of the women Bill abused?


This is UNBELIEVABLE that they MIGHT get away with it... NOT TO MENTION all the LIES, the CORRUPTION associated with all the OTHER SCANDALS !!

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This ENTIRE discussion about Trump is a CONTRIVED ROUSE in my opinion, by the Media and the Clinton campaign... intended to divert from the REAL issues... and it bothers me that EVEN Fox News is falling into it...


WE ALL KNOW, meeting a girl, and kissing and touching is NORMAL... HOWEVER... Rape, Indecent Exposure, being fined and sanctioned for DOING IT, and the ENTIRE act of COVERING IT UP, and attacking the women who were raped and abused... is 10,000 TIMES worse...


But, THAT is what the Clinton campaign, the Main Stream Media, and the "establishment elites" want us to BELIEVE !!


REALLY SAD if this WOMAN, and he SEXUAL PERVERT HUSBAND end up getting elected...

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What happened to the feminists? One would think a strong woman, capable of doing every thing a man can do and better would have no problem rejecting unwanted advances. Furthermore I believe a sexually aware and expressive woman would have no qualms with her pussy being grabbed...at the very least they would have issues with the media labeling them victims

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They should say no. Stop . If it goes too far.


EXACTLY... I don't know if these allegations are True, or LIES... However, lets assume for ONE SECOND that they were true. There was NO indication that if asked to stop, that Trump wouldn't have... These women just NEVER asked... NOW, to fame and money, YEARS after the fact, NOW they have a problem?


Let's juxtapose this to Bill Clinton... He RAPED women, physically ABUSED them, DROPPED HIS PANTS in front of them (paid an $850,000 settlement for that one), had sex with interns in the Oval Office (disbarred and $1 Million fine for that), and HERE brags about having sex with black beauty queens... AND Hillary covered it ALL UP !!




Compared to Bill & Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is an Alter Boy !!

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