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trump and his Criminal party have become a pathetic pitiful Joke

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what will they say and do next to push their FAILED policies

Same thing Hillary and party did and does constantly. When one gives up what they are to portray who they wished they could become socially, they cannot bare living as what they are always going to remain in plain sight and will be stuck behaving like they are above naturally balanced simultaneously being alive now.


this moment is the center of Eternity regardless the universal location. So the idea of relative time is an educated distraction used by those directing social outcomes for all incoming ancestral replacements of this atmosphere regardless plant, animal, predator, prey, male, female use of the same periodic tale of elements.

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"Laugh now. You'll be crying November 8th"




make sure your here rebel flag Boy!

When both sides are corrupted, what are you going to do regardless which side wins?


You cannot think beyond what you are programmed to talk about now? Cannot get your bain to operate in a timeless space while kinetically suspended as spaced apart now all the time you are alive?


I do without a second thought about a what if social parable.

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