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trump has meltdown at rally, rips his teleprompter apart


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Donald Trump has total meltdown at rally, begins physically ripping his teleprompter apart

By Daily News Bin | October 14, 2016 | 6


Those wondering how the scandal-ridden and badly-losing Donald Trump would react once he reached his breaking point may finally have their answer. No, the ultimate meltdown moment wasn’t when he blamed his sexual assault scandals on a Mexican billionaire, or when he claimed he wasn’t impressed with Hillary Clinton’s backside when she walked past him during a debate. The meltdown moment came on Friday night at a rally when he began physically ripping his teleprompter apart in what may be his most unhinged moment to date.

The bizarre moment took place during Trump’s campaign rally on North Carolina on Friday night, when he decided during the middle of his speech to begin unscrewing the pieces of the teleprompter and ripping them out of their sockets with a grinning and deranged look on his face. The moment may have been intended as a signal that he’s no longer willing to give speeches from a teleprompter, but he instead came off as a candidate who is becoming so psychologically broken by the pressure end dejection of losing that his tantrums have now crossed over into the physical.

How much longer before Donald Trump begins hurling stage objects into the crowd, or decides to try to physically attack the reporters in the room whom he’s now increasingly haranguing? That’s no longer clear. But what is clear is that his ongoing meltdown is being recognized as just that: a meltdown. Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted a brief video clip of Trump tearing his teleprompter apart while adding the commentary: “Trump’s teleprompter, like his campaign, comes apart very easily.”



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