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366+ Lies of Donald Trump So Far

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There are probably a lot more than 366 documented lies or Donald Trump. If you were to add up all the lies of his VP Pence and surrogates it would give Fox News a run for its money and maybe even eclipse Fox given a few more weeks.


I predict that Trump's lies will exceed 500 before the election is over. In the final debate, he will tell at least 20 whoppers. That's my prediction.


How many more lies do you think Trump will tell before the election is over on November 8th. Election day is November 29th for CONS.







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This week?


During the campaign. He tells the same lie over and over and over but it only gets counted as one lie. Maybe there are over 300 if you count all his repeats. He tells 50 or more at each rally and he has at least 7 rallies per week.


I think he will exceed 500. Perhaps it will stop at 666.



CONS worship liars. CONS worship Satan. Trump is not Satan. Trump is one of Satan's useful idiots. His supporters are Satan's agents.

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