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Pop tart is a piece of shit because he doesn't respect the 1st amendment.,

You are an idiot because the First Amendment has nothing to do with the situation. The First Amendment protects free speech in the public square, not in a privately owned arena in front of a captive audience who paid an admittance fee to come see entertainment. If that fucking coward wants to protest, let him do it where protests belong - in the streets where the audience is free to participate or not without voluntarily sacrificing admittance fee if they care to leave. Martin Luther King was a brave man who utilize the First Amendment in the public square where he risked his life in front of public audiences that were free to react however they chose. Colin Kaepernick is a coward making a shallow gesture in front of a captive audience surrounded by police protection. Ironically the police who were protecting him are the very individuals he is protesting against. What a fucking idiot (just like you).


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