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Trump the martyr


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He said "slings and arrows". You know, plagiarizing Shakespeare like his wife plagiarized Michelle Obama.

Wasn't that something? Persecuted by the lying women, the nasty media and even his own party. Everybody is out to get him. He really thinks he's the victim here

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" I take all the stabs and arrows aimed at me for you"





He should have kept his pussy grabbing hands to himself

Trump isn't a martyr anymore than Hillary is. they are both opportunistis building an intellectual advantage over every other trained brain. It is the predatory instincts in motion.


They are both false prophets of make believe possibilities that get played out for real socially. Arena of ideas come in several interpretation workign together to keep everyone from using their instinctive navigation while following easier paths of social justification than just adapting in the moment here as equally displaced cradle to grave.


Each person's creator is their own ancestry and what produced their ancestry was done at a the same time in the same space of occupying positions of this atmosphere this atmosphere was sustained as part of this universal dispersement of matter kinetically changing from the molecular stability out to the limits of contracting results keeping everything specifically balanced as it is existing now.


If one wishes to enjoy their time being part of the moment, stop trying to rule results that haven't added up yet. use what humanity recorded and learn why societies fall apart in less than 4 generations of their conceptual begining.


America was legalized as a country in 1790 and had its civil war in 1861 and never went back to its original concepts to this date. Only redefining what the transcript means currently.


Rhetorical question I used for myself to find my eternal sole position within now being eternity, "What have you learned no segment of societal evolution teaches its citizens to ignore 24/7 cradle to grave?


One small thing that eternally costs ancestry each ancestor added to the atmosphere now. We survive at the core of Eternity eternally adding details never again reproduced as it took place so far.


there is your linear time line while self contained to one's own skin and never beyond the moment here regardless the clock or calendar justifying time moves when actually an immovable entity.

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