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Scottie Nell Hughes: the most deplorable Trump surrogate?

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The current top five Trump surrogates, Rudy Giuliani, Kayleigh McEnany, Boris Epshtyn, A.J. Delgado, and Scottie Nell Hughes, are still plugging away for their Fuhrer in a bizarre, psychotic attempt to grow roses out of a steaming pile of shit! What motivates these deplorable pathological liars? Trump will dump all of them overnight, without blinking, by midnight November 8th. Do they naively believe there's some pot o' gold awaiting them for their staunch loyalty to the disloyal people abuser/user Trump? Are they that stupid?


These five are all deplorable in their own right, but Scottie Nell Hughes really comes off like a man trapped in a womans body. She is grotesquely loyal and seems to be frothing at the mouth in her pro-Trump diatribes, rabid and in need of being tazed by a dogcatcher...


She seems to be mentally ill, fighting an unwinnable fight, defending the totally IN-defensible, the totally reprehensible.


There are groups of top athletes around the nation forming coalitions to profoundly declare that men DO NOT talk like that in the locker rooms. There are teacher and educational groups, around the country forming curriculums which will now include sensitivity and awareness training for male youths, in grade school and up, who will be taught to greater respect females in their speech, and in their actions,,,


Trump has started a revolution alright. Really a national repudiation, standing up by the tens of millions, to his pure evil and historic disrespect. Trump has deteriorated to the point that few adults want their children to be around him. They don't even want Trump to look at their daughters, let alone be in the same room with him. He is the most cringe-worthy creep in America!


When i see Scottie Nell Hughes still defending the disgusting sexual predator/national pariah Donald Trump, it gives me cause to think she/he just has several screws loose. She, and her surrogate ilk are sinister propaganda masters to Trumps 'movement'... With Berlin burning all around him, Hitler still, psychotically, declared victory, in full blown denial of the total destruction he caused. Trump is Americas Hitler, his surrogates would take bullets to the head for him.


Proof that group insanity does exist, and powerful evil men can hypnotize the weak, to the point of sacrificing their own reputations and humanity. The world will be a better place after Trump loses in 25 days.


Our long national nightmare will be over, and Scottie Nell Hughes can openly start growing her mustache again...

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It's good to keep track of and document all the people who defended Trump , when the election is over all these pieces of shit should have no place in a civilized society that respects women .



Any state that votes for Trump shouldn't have to deal with our evil, liberal government - they should have their federal welfare cut off immediately.

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Trump was on Howard Stern show being called a sexual predator by Stern. Trump nodded and said "that's true", with Ivanka sitting right next to him, patting Daddy Molester on the back. Their whole family is psycho and fascist. The First Family they should never be...


Trump Family Values...bizarre, racist, incestuous, disqualifying pariahs, all of them.

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