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President Obama to gop...."This is the guy you nominate??"

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They would never admit it but the gop establishment is gonna miss Obama , he may have been on opposite team but he has class and he is as honest as political can be.

I'd like to see a secret poll among republicans asking who do you respect more as a human being Obama or trump ?

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He's Intelligent, well spoken, respected,.... something the gop just can't muster up, and if they do, the redneck Base REJECTS them


not the guy they "want to have a beer with"



those Intellectuals....that voted for raygun, bush, and went Nuts over Airhead palin

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I listened to the whole speech. He's so genuine and funny.

He's going to be missed.

Both he and Michelle made impassioned speeches today why we can't let our children be influenced by this indecent man.

Hear hear.



I fear it will be a long time before we have a President with the intelligence, class, and stature of Obama. And what a great family man. Everything you could possibly hope for in a President. I have a great deal of respect for him and Michelle. I will miss them. I honestly mean that.

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