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republicans Worst Nightmare: Black People Are Voting Early


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Wednesday Oct 12, 2016 · 2:51 PM MDT
Republican Nightmare Scenario

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I was watching MSNBC on location in Cuyahoga County Ohio this morning with Chris Jansing, heart swelling with pride at seeing all of those black voters streaming in and out of the polling place. These were the type of voters that republicans in Ohio, and all across the country, had been trying to dissuade from exercising their birthright. Republicans had been trying to erect all kinds of walls, hoping to depress black spirits and curtail our turnout. But if this morning’s segment with Chris Jansing is any indication, then republican efforts to marginalize, disenfranchise,and intimidate have all been for naught.

During her visit to the Cuyahoga County polling place, Jansing approached two men, both of whom had just finished casting their ballots, with the intention of asking which candidate each man had voted for. My heart began to thump a bit harder at this, a reaction to the fear that these two men might have actually voted for the vile and repulsive republican nominee. But they both enthusiastically asserted that they had just voted for Hillary Clinton. Their voices had not wavered, their conviction rang strong and true. The older voter explained his reasoning for voting for Clinton. “This is the most important election of my life, ” he said. He also expressed his intention to bring as many people with him as he could to that polling place.

I believe that what took place in Ohio on this day is a harbinger of things to come. I believe that black people, offended by Trump and enthusiastic in their support for Hillary, will come out in droves for the democratic candidate for president and for down ballot democrats. We, along with our latino, white, Asian, and Jewish brothers and sisters in arms will use our action at the polls to relegate Donald Trump to the dustbin of history.



It's 40% Hispanic where I live. Early voting starts Sat. Oct 22, and the people here can't wait to vote. I can't either.

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