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Sanders Supporter To Get More African-Americans To Vote Republican

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Former Sanders Supporter Aims To Get More African-Americans To Vote Republican

“We created a fund where we travel the country going into the urban community,” says Carter, who claims he got funding from a conservative donor in Florida. He says his group will award two $5,000 grants to African-Americans; one to a single mom starting a new business and another for an existing business in need of expansion.

“This is something no party has ever done,” says Carter, “invest directly into the community that you want to earn your vote.”

Philadelphia is the first stop in this multi-city tour. Carter hopes it starts a conversation about a Republican partnership with the inner city, and more votes for Donald Trump.

“I’ve been told — ‘hey I don’t care if he’s a racist,'” says Carter, ‘if there’s a partnership, we in.'”

“I like Trump– always have,” says Alayna Johnson, who lives in North Central Philadelphia. The single mom says she’s admired Donald Trump since the 1980s.

“I don’t know why people don’t like him,” she says, “I think he’s a smart businessman.”

Johnson hasn’t been deterred by Trump’s comments about women. Instead, she’s more interested in starting her own small business. She is waiting for her tax return, but will apply for the grant and hopes she wins.

“The job situation has been bad,” she says.


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